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Bridal Alterations

A professional fitting and alteration process is an easy, fun, and effective way to be sure that your wedding dress will be comfortable and beautiful on your wedding day.


sewBoise saved my wedding! They customized my dress and had it fitted for me in time and it is so BEAUTIFUL. They are wonderful to work with and have great ideas if you’re not quite sure what you want. Highly recommend!


Erin did such a fabulous job taking two different dresses and combining them into one dress for my wedding day. I would definitely recommend sewBoise to anyone. Erin and her team are kind, professional, and creative!


The Process

When you come to your first fitting, we’ll have you try on your dress (please bring any undergarments, shoes, and accessories you plan to wear on the big day), and you’ll talk with one of our bridal experts about the changes that will optimize the look and comfort of your dress. She’ll give you her recommendations and your options, we’ll give you a firm cost estimate of the work to be done, and we will set your subsequent appointments. Most bridal gowns will have 2-3 total fittings before the pick-up fitting.

We welcome you to bring a close friend or family member (or 2) with you to your fitting(s) if you like, but please avoid bringing a large group with you. The fitting room, though spacious, gets too loud and crowded for us to do our work effectively when there are half a dozen people, phones, and opinions inside.


For standard bridal alterations, we’d like to meet you and your dress about 6-8 weeks before your wedding date. If the work you need done is more involved – such as adding (sleeves/fill-in), reworking a vintage dress into a modern style, or adding/subtracting major elements of the dress, we’ll need more time. Call us if you think your situation might be more complicated than the average bride’s.

Example Timeline

  • 6-8 weeks out. 30-40 business days before the wedding – first fitting
  • About 4 weeks out. 16-24 business days before the wedding – “fit fitting” – fit adjustments in the bodice of the dress have been made, beads and lace are still loose
  • Another “fit fitting”, if needed
  • About 2 weeks out. 7-11 business days before the wedding – “frosting fitting” – length has been adjusted, lace and beads are impeccably in place, and bustle is in. This is almost always the pick-up fitting.
  • Pick-up fitting – A couple of days after the “frosting fitting”, if the dress wasn’t picked up then.

Rush service on a tighter timeline is sometimes available, but rush fees will apply to most alterations.


Because of the very diverse range of wedding gown styles and construction, bridal alteration prices vary widely and can’t be estimated by phone or e-mail. We’re sensitive to your need to budget and plan, so you’ll get a firm estimate at your first fitting. Also, we credit your $30 bridal consultation fee back to you on your alterations invoice…It’s like getting your first bustle-point free!

Most bridal alterations fall in the $450-$900 range, though there are certainly outliers every single year on either end. If your dress has lace or beading in the areas to be altered, it will cost more to alter than a dress without those elements.

Tipping Policy

Everybody working here earns a living wage, and our prices are set at a level that keeps the business sustainable. Therefore, we will not confront you with a tipping screen and do not accept gratuity on credit card transactions.

We gratefully accept cash tips for truly exemplary service. These cash gifts are pooled and distributed monthly to the individuals involved in the work we did for you.

Bridal Party, Parents, and Guests

Bridesmaids, grooms, parents, and attendants should book an appointment for their special-day alterations. Select “Alterations Fittings – General”. To save yourself and us undue stress, allow several weeks before the wedding for us to do the work.

If your wedding will have 2 brides, we can handle your fittings together or separately. Please call us so we can set aside enough time to fit you both, or schedule back-to-back appointments for you.

What if you don’t have sewBoise alter your wedding dress?

No alterations fee but the dress doesn’t fit well, and it’s not comfortable. An ill-fitting dress makes for trips and foibles on your wedding day.

You may pay less and that means a less professional atmosphere. The work and fitting may not be expert, and it is likely that they don’t have your dress insured against damages.

You’ll probably pay more, experience stressful time frames, and be treated like a number. Cookie cutter approach means no personalized service. Certain style changes will not be allowed.

Our work is always guaranteed. We are not done until you are satisfied.

Schedule your first bridal appointment by clicking the button above, or by calling us at 208-685-9410. There is a $30 appointment/consultation charge that will be credited back to you on your alterations invoice

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