Expressive Fun Learning

Sewing is an enjoyable, ancient craft that has all but gone by the wayside. Bring back the joy and practice of an expressive art form in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Laugh and learn. The perfect creative hobby.


Meet teacher, Anna Timm
Anna studied painting and taught art classes as a graduate assistant, fueling her love for material and passing on knowledge. She began sewing costumes for her friends in the theater department, then began making her own clothes for the beautiful details and custom fit that only personalized sewing can offer.

Where else can you have fun and wear the outcome? Either in the room or virtually, learn from the masters and have a pile of fun in the process.


Great environment for learning to sew and getting excited about the possibilities! I had a private lesson with Erin who is a fantastic teacher and I really enjoyed the company and input of the rest of the gals there as well. Time well spent!!

-Kathlyn, intermediate, adult

I took the beginner sewing class and made pajama bottoms. It was very fun! The teacher was extremely nice and I would like to do it again.

-Paige, beginner, age 10

Ways to learn

sewBoise offers sewing and design education for those who have never touched a needle, to consummate couturiers. We offer in-person and virtual private lessons, and onsite group sewing classes for adults and kids. No matter your age, experience level, or area of interest, we have education for everyone.

In private lessons, you can work on skills and projects of your choice, get to know your own machine (if you have one), and refine your sewing.

Why learn with sewBoise?

Youtube is not your mentor. There is no feedback. Don’t ruin your expensive fabric that doesn’t fit and is unwearable. Stop those bad habits before you start.

You are tired of sewing tote bags at JoAnns and are ready to start a more interesting project.

Learning from a family member? Frustrating, disorganized, slow? You may want to move faster than this, learn more and laugh more. Love Grandma but not over pins and needles.

Professional enthusiasm and learning in an easy, pleasant and flexible atmosphere: We love what we do and you will love the experience.

Having so much fun you want to stay here all night? You can do that!

Let’s Get Started!